A Journey of Resilience and Elegance: Paloma Soledad's Partnership with Melanoma Research Alliance

A Journey of Resilience and Elegance: Paloma Soledad's Partnership with Melanoma Research Alliance


In the tapestry of life, it is often our most challenging moments that inspire unprecedented innovation. Paloma Soledad’s journey with melanoma not only fortified her spirit but gave rise to a fashion venture, Krysalis Kouture. Embracing fewer, better things in the face of adversity, here is Paloma’s poised narrative.

A Mole and A Mission:

mole on the sole of foot turned into stage 4 melanoma

It all began with a seemingly innocuous mole on the sole of Paloma's foot. This seemingly minute detail spiraled into a rare melanoma diagnosis. However, it wasn't just the medical challenges that she confronted but the consequential daily discomforts. During her treatment, Paloma began developing her own solutions to these unique clothing challenges, laying the first stones of what would become a profound journey into medical accessible adaptive wear.

woman in a medically accessible adaptive wear shirt and pants, with a head scarf for hair loss

Elegance in Adversity:

With the grace that defines her, Paloma channeled her experiences into the creation of Krysalis Kouture. This brand, reminiscent of art and intention, started with evocative headscarves and has expanded into a line of surgical recovery clothing and adaptive wear clothing that eloquently marries functionality with refined aesthetics.

A Confluence of Compassion & Style:

Paloma's commitment extends beyond her brand. After being introduced to the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA), she chose to donate a portion of Krysalis Kouture's proceeds to advance melanoma research, ensuring that her creations are not only about elegance but also about purpose.

Dive Deeper:

For those curious about the intricate details of Paloma’s experiences and her collaboration with the MRA, we invite you to follow this link to the comprehensive article penned by Renee Orcione. This piece offers a deeper understanding of Paloma's journey and her brand's philosophy.

melanoma research alliance logo

The Noble Mission of the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA):

The Melanoma Research Alliance stands as a beacon of hope in the world of melanoma research. With a guiding principle centered around ending suffering and death due to melanoma, the MRA dedicates itself to accelerating the pace of scientific discovery. Since its inception, the alliance has championed collaboration, channeling resources and expertise to fund the most promising melanoma research worldwide.

Their goal? To make transformative advances not only in the prevention and diagnosis of melanoma but also in its treatment. By funding cutting-edge research and fostering an environment of collaboration among leaders in all disciplines of melanoma research, the MRA is making strides in understanding this disease better and curbing its impact.

Through these tireless efforts, the MRA epitomizes the power of collective action and stands as a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets purpose.

close up of hands using scissors to cut fabric with a pattern


Krysalis Kouture, under Paloma’s vision, encapsulates the essence of resilience, beauty, and minimalistic elegance. In each stitch and design, it represents a journey from challenge to chic, all while championing a noble cause.

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