Healing in Style with Adaptive Apparel

Our collection is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your healing journey, providing you with ease and comfort from lounging at home, to work, errands and medical appointments.

Woman is stylish colorful outfit, with IV needle in arm preparing for a CT scan

Purposeful Essentials

Experience a transformation in your wardrobe where practicality meets style. Each piece is uniquely crafted with adjustable, scan-friendly features to camouflage changes such as bloating and lymphedema, while also ensuring easy access to ports and veins for treatments. Our garments offer modest coverage and flattering cuts without compromising on femininity, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

Woman looking at the camera, wearing a golden retro kerchief headscarf and a blue silk nightshirt

Inspired by Hardship, Empowered by Women

Born out of personal cancer experience, Krysalis Kouture aims to support those navigating the complex changes in their bodies and their lives. Currently handcrafted by a dedicated female team, each piece is made-to-order with love, intention, and the sole aim of helping others navigate their medical journey with grace and ease.

Our mission is to offer a wardrobe that caters to your healing process. It features pieces designed to work seamlessly together, with their comfort, adaptability and scan-friendly design. From shirts with built-in bralettes, to hoodies with glovelets and sun cover-ups made from UPF fabric, our collection serves to make your day-to-day life during treatment as comfortable as possible.

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An Empathy-Driven Approach

At the core of Krysalis Kouture is empathy. While our current scale might be small, the attention to detail and craftsmanship we invest in every garment is immense. We focus on quality over quantity, ensuring our design details such as metal-free and plastic-free construction, pattern engineering for chest port access, and adjustable features, set our pieces apart.

Two women stand side by side, they have their arms around each other and are smiling. Both are wearing headscarves and are at a cancer survivor meet up for the non profit, The Breasties.

Design for our Community

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the quality of our garments. We believe in mindful consumption, lasting value, and the continued life of our products. Designed for longevity, Krysalis Kouture garments are meant to serve you during and beyond treatment. Once you no longer need them, we encourage their passing on to someone else embarking on their treatment journey.

In line with our mission to uplift, we're also proud to partner with two remarkable non-profit organizations, the Melanoma Research Alliance and The Breasties. Melanoma Research Alliance is dedicated to advancing melanoma treatment, conducting crucial research, and promoting prevention. The Breasties provide invaluable support and connection to individuals affected by breast and reproductive cancers at various stages of their journey.

Each purchase you make enables us to contribute more to these inspiring causes, helping us make the healing journey more compassionate, dignified, and yes, even fashionable. Through Krysalis Kouture, you discover not just an elegant, accessible wardrobe designed with your journey in mind, but also a community dedicated to healing in style.