Camp Breastie: A Weekend of Empowerment, Community, and Joy!

Camp Breastie: A Weekend of Empowerment, Community, and Joy!

A Memorable Weekend in Kent, CT

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Imagine a place where strength, resilience, and community come together in an unforgettable celebration of life. This past weekend, Camp Breastie in Kent, CT, became that place for over 600 incredible women affected by breast and ovarian cancer. Organized by The Breasties, the event was a beautiful blend of enjoyment, empowerment, and education.


                      Community and Education

panel at camp breastieCamp Breastie is not just a weekend getaway; it's a vital space for womento connect, share their journeys, and learn from one another. The weekend featured arts and crafts,  yoga sessions, mindfulness workshops, wellness activities, and inspirational talks aimed at providing both emotional and practical support to attendees. The sense of community and mutual support was palpable, fostering an environment where everyone felt seen and heard. 

Krysalis Kouture's Pop-Up Shop

UPF Hoodie

As a proud partner of The Breasties for their Shop with a Purpose campaign, Krysalis Kouture had the privilege of hosting a pop-up shop at the event. It was an incredible opportunity to meet and connect with so many amazing women. We were inspired by their stories and the resilience they displayed. Our adaptive fashion line, designed for individuals undergoing medical treatments, resonated deeply with the attendees, and we were thrilled to support them with our products.

We also premiered a new garment: the UPF 50+ hoodie, which quickly became a favorite among the Breasties. Stay tuned for this new item to be added to our website soon!

Highlighting Mission-Based Vendors

Camp Breastie also featured several other mission-based vendors who share our commitment to making a difference. It was truly inspiring to meet and hear about the other vendors' visions. Brands like Casa Danu, ESTAS, Meadow, Resme, and Portt each brought something unique to the table, all united by a common goal of supporting those affected by cancer. Please explore their offerings to learn more about their impactful work.

Personal Highlights

scar story

 One of the most touching moments for me was having my scar story turned into a poem on the spot, using an old-fashioned typewriter. It was a beautiful reminder of the power of words and shared experiences. The weekend culminated in a festive celebration called Breastival, where the ladies danced the night away, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Supporting The Breasties

As part of our ongoing commitment, 5% of every headscarf sale from Krysalis Kouture goes directly to support The Breasties' amazing cause. We are honored to contribute to their mission and look forward to many more events like Camp Breastie. The Breasties also offer a supportive app for those affected by reproductive cancers. If you or someone you know needs support, please explore the incredible community The Breasties have fostered.


Camp Breastie
" To be surrounded by so many souls that understand, accept and cheer you on, has overfilled my cup more than I ever knew I needed.. " - Courtney 

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